Top Hat Studios is a New York-based developer and publisher, working with teams across the world. Whether it’s music, film, anime, or games, we’ve seen inspiration in the creativity of others , and we try to take the initiative to spread this inspiration to the best of our ability. In our eyes, the best way to give back to this worldwide community is to not only create, but also help others reach larger audiences as well.

Who we are

We’re a New York startup, founded by Joe “Bonesy” B. in late 2014. We’ve worked with multiple development teams, and have worked side-by-side with myriads other developers, publisher., artists, and musicians. THS works with a variety of creators, distributors, and fans from around the world to bring fans high quality games & media.

What We Do

We create and publish digital media, generally video games and visual novels. We like to think that we don’t just “target” anyone, but rather put forward what we’d personally love to see available on the market ourselves. THS prides itself on community building & interaction alongside high quality content.

Original Projects

Besides helping others with their works, we've taken the initiate to create some of our own original projects, putting our skills to the best usage we can.


We've worked with multiple small teams to help deliver their game to wider audiences.

Team Development

We've helped build development teams up from the inside out, expanding their capabilities, outreach, and organization.

Contact Us

Got a great idea for a game? Interested in working with us? Have an inquiry? Just want to drop in and say Hi?

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