About Us

A bit about us


Top Hat Studios is a multimedia collective aimed at developing and publishing creative works from around the world. Just like anyone else, we have a lot of interests. Music, Film, Anime, and Games have all acted as inspirations to us, and we’d like to take the initiative to spread the joy to others. In our eyes, the best way to give back to this worldwide community is to create. and help others reach larger audiences.

Who we are

We’re a New York startup, founded by Joe “Bonesy” B. in late 2014. We’ve worked with multiple development teams, and have worked side-by-side with many other developers, artists, and musicians. THS works with a variety of creators, distributors, and fans from around the world to bring you high quality games & media.

What We Do

We create and publish a variety of games and media. We don’t “target” anyone, we simply put forward what we’d personally love to see available. THS prides itself on community building & interaction alongside high quality content publication.

Original Works

Everything seen below has been a result of our own, in-house blood, sweat, tears, and love. Independently developed, we like to play around in different genres and formats.


We've helped creators with their titles widen their audiences.


We have helped creators with their titles by offering our programming and/or narrative scripting services.