Painted in White

Painted in White

Painted in White is a game by aE2S Novels, with publishing assistance from Top Hat Studios.


Tomogi is an average girl – albeit easily bothered – whose parents own a local yogurt store. Her best friend, the always full of surprises Kuu, loves to drag her into zany new adventures around town. On the start of a new school year, the duo meets two more friends – the refined, proper Asagi, and the quiet, reserved Petra. The four grow begin to grow closer over the school year, learning more about each other and taking part in events in school and around town.

About The Game:

Originally concieved as part of Yuri Jam 2016, Painted in White is a short visual novel inspired by cute yuri-infused slice of life anime like Yuru Yuri.Similar to many of these shows, Painted in White follows the story of a few girls and their developing friendship. Follow Tomogi and her friends, Kuu, Petra, and Asagi through their comical highschool adventures!

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3-5 Hours of Playtime
Branching Choices for increased replayability
High Resolution Artwork & Sprites

Slice of Life, Visual Novel
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