At Eve's Wake is an interactive horror story inspired by Lovecraft's work about surviving a family you never knew and uncovering their sinister practices. Will you embrace them or rid humanity of their taint? Your actions will shape your fate and that of the family.


Raised by your mother, you never knew your family. Her sudden passing left you with many questions she never got to answer: Why can’t I remember my family? Why did she split with the family?

Until that letter arrived; your great grandparent had passed and you requested to join the rest of your family at the estate.

Soon you realize why your mother left, as you are thrown into a gauntlet of fire, for a new successor must come. The time for Convergence has begun...


Personality Choose from one of the following personalities: Might, Wits or Charm. Each personality offers an unique play style, providing different dialog options and insights during your play through.

Choices While you may have forgotten, others will remember. Yet at the same time you will remember, with others forgetting. Be mindful of the choices you make, for certain knowledge can never be forgotten.

Sanity How you ultimately choose to shape your fate can affect your fragile state of mind. Will you be their redemption or join their folds and lead?

Coming soon to PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and More!
At Eve's Wake is developed by Sugar Rush Studios.