Girls & Dungeons 2

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Here comes the second (standalone!) installment of the lewd-but-cute dungeon-crawler “Girls and Dungeons”! Featuring all new shenanigans and features; explore new exotic locations, and meet a colorful cast of charming new maidens. Can you stomach spelunking in the cursed booze-dungeon?


Barkeep “Kai” has but one goal – to become a legendary ‘Master Bartender’. However, he has yet to make any progress in the mysterious, seemingly timeless tavern he serves at. One fateful night however, a tipsy princess stumbles through the door – making an encounter that would change his life. He is left with little choice but to assist her throughout the labyrinth-like underground basements and dungeons that lay underneath the tavern, in orderto chase after an evil wizard. Along the way, he’ll learn the secrets of “liquormancy” – and the dungeon’s mystical “High Proof Spirit Maidens”.

  • An estimated 11-15 hours of diving in bewitching booze – themed dungeons
  • Protect your maidens via classic, turn-based JRPG battle system
  • Mysterious and surprising ‘spirit sanctuaries’; full of fierce critters and lewd secrets to unveil
  • Bartending-action: serve your maiden of choice liquor, in order to dive deeper into the dungeon.
  • Lots of custom actions and animations in battles focused on protection and strategy
  • Try to trigger the spirit-maiden’s “Potential” to annihilate your enemies in a swoop!
  • Mysticards: collect, use and equip magical cards to power up your party in any way you see fit
  • Hidden ecchi scenes – collect them all!
Girls & Dungeons 2 is developed by Nebelsoft.