REDO! – ENHANCED EDITION is a dark, lonely, evocative metroidvania. Drawing inspiration from the works of Tsutomu Nihei and Lovecraft, REDO! is a game about a girl trying to find what’s left in a dystopian world overrun by biomachines. Presented in a non-linear, open for at, the game provides a dark and mysterious narrative within a gloomy and vastly interconnected decaying city. Combat is methodical, with the player needing to balance staggering enemies – making them less of a danger and an easier target – against fighting furiously to deplete their health as quickly as possible. In order to survive in this world after the end of mankind, the player has a diverse selection of weaponry and items available, ranging fro energy blades, to riot shields, to rocket launchers. The twisted biomachines which inhabit the lonely world of REDO! – ENHANCED EDITION breathe fire, electrify air and spit plasma. You will need every tool available to survive.

Compared to the base edition of REDO! previously released, REDO! – ENHANCED EDITION provides quality of life improvements, deeper dialogue options, additional music and sound as well as narrative cutscenes.

  • Deep, cryptic, and mysterious lore left behind by the last remnants of humanity
  • A diverse array of weapons and items, each with their own utility
  • A vast, open-ended sprawling metropolis and dying world to explore
  • Over a dozen terrifying, twisted and unique enemy types
  • Brute Metroidvania-meets-Dark Souls gameplay emphasizing a balance of lethality and stamia
  • 9-15 hours of gameplay

Coming soon to Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and More!
Redo! is developed by Robson Paiva. Top Hat is the publisher of the console versions only.