The Citadel

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Go forth, Martyr; For you are the finest among the Battlesisters; Go forth, and LET THE SLEEPING GOD DIE

Descent into the depth of The Citadel

THE CITADEL is a hardcore, brutal old-school shooter full of action that's a throwback to the 90's classics that we all love. Fight through 6 Episodes of 30 action packed levels (and an additional 6 secret levels). Face off against 6 fearsome bosses. Carry 14 different types of weapons, with obliterating secondary fire functions. Make the world tremble with 3 types of single-use special weapons.


  • Unlimited Continues.
  • You can continue trying until you break. Hub areas serve as respite if you find the episode to be too difficult.
  • Completely skill based: no cheap Hitscanner, all projectiles. You live as good as you dodge.
  • Huge enemy variety and diversity. From axe throwing cultists, to suicide drones, to mecha tanks, and flamethrower troopers.
  • Kick the Opponent into Lava! Light-weight enemies can be kicked and stunned. Get your positioning right, and you can also make them fall into a bottomless pit or lava.
  • Upgradable Weapons Some weapons can be upgraded or switched to superior versions.
  • Gibs! Enemies explode into chunks of meat or metals when they die. Ouch!
  • Optional Features, including leaning and Weapon Jam

The Citadel contains numerous optional features for added replayability and difficulty.

  • Leaning can be enabled in a option menu. Dodging is not the only way to avoid the enemy fire.
  • Weapon condition features can be enabled in a option menu.
  • Automatic weapons can be jammed in the middle of a battle, and they will be eventually broken.
The Citadel is developed by Doekuramuri.