Why is there a girl in my house!?

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“Why Is There A Girl In My House?!” is a short, kinetic yuri visual novel. What would you do if you found a cat girl in your apartment?


Our protagonist has to answer that exact question! Elena is a hard working businesswoman who just can’t seem to find time for herself. She works a tiring job, and is lucky to relax in the time she has at home. After a hard day of work as usual, she returns to her apartment to find quite a surprise – there’s a cat girl in her home! Alice is an excitable, slightly air-headed cat girl who’s made herself right at home, thanks to Elena’s auntie. The two begin to bond in their free time – could this be the answer to Elena’s loneliness? Find out in this short, sweet, and lewd yuri visual novel!

  • Beautifully. Hi-Res illustrated CGs & Characters
  • 5+ CGs, with multiple variations
  • 1-2 Hours of Gameplay
  • Lewd Yuri Scenes
  • Cat girls!
Why Is There A Girl In My House is developed by Betulasoft.