LAZR – A Clothformer


A new era of platforming is about to begin. Play as a fusion powered killer android, facing off against rogue AI and mega-corporations in Alpha City One, run by a central intelligence that will do anything to remain invisible and in control. Can you break the chain?

Key Features:

  • 64 different types of loadouts allow you to customize your hero – from fully auto laser fire, to lighter and more acrobatic shells, to being immune to explosions – the choice is yours.
  • Massive single player adventure – explore various districts in a sprawling futuristic city, beautifully presented in a Mode7 style overworld map. From the seedy housing districts deep below the surface, to the printed, polished, and private floating corporate islands soaring through the sky.
  • Multiple inter-connected storylines – Contracts that you complete affect relations with other corporations in Alpha City One. You’ll have to choose who to keep happy and who to work for to stay alive.
  • There’s a Holographic Dog. Yes, you can pet it – you can even play fetch with it! Next level 2d dog AI ensures HoloDog always follows you and stays by your side. Good HoloDoggo!
  • Cloth – Lazr has been designed around never before seen realistic cloth simulations with full destruction. A completely new and unique type of game mechanic!
  • Unique Enemies – fantastic cloth based enemies and bosses will absolutely destroy you and leave you questioning deeply held beliefs such as “do I enjoy playing video games?”. No, seriously, you’re gonna die, alot. So get some bandaids for your thumbs and some tissues for your eyes – it’s gonna be a hard journey to the top. Are you ready?