Book Publishing + Cloudscape!

12 August 2021

Hello everyone!

We're back with another update, this time with some very exciting news. As you may have seen on our twitter, we will be venturing into book publishing, both digital and physical! The first of these being Animon Works's "The Golden Catalyst: Volume 1", a recent kickstarter success. You can learn more about that here:

The book will be coming soon in 2022, and be distributed in both digital and physical form across numerous platforms.

We also have a new game announcement! We will be publishing Konitama's "Cloudscape" on PC + all major console platforms. Cloudscape is an open-world action adventure survival game. Gather resources and craft tools to help you survive. Find a way off of the island to discover new lands filled with new resources, villagers and much more! Can you solve the mystery of the monsters, uncover your past and transform your island into a paradise? You can learn more here: