Sheepo Now Available For Preorder

29 September 2021

Hello everyone!

We're back with another update, and a shiny new game announcement! Sheepo, our newest game, was just announced -

We're really excited about this one, as it's coming to all consoles on October 20th - Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and NATIVE on Xbox Series X & Playstation 5!

As a true next-gen game, Sheepo is native on both PS5 & Xbox Series X, and features free cross-buy with PS4 & Xbox One respectively. The next-gen version of the game has features exclusive to the new platforms, such as 4K display, 60 fps+ design, speedrun leaderboards, rich presence, PS5 activity integration (on PS5), smart delivery (on Xbox), cloud save sync (on Xbox), and more!

The game is currently up for preorder on Xbox One/Xbox and Nintendo Switch, ahead of its release on October 20th. Plus if you preorder on Switch, you'll get 15% off!

Switch (NA):

Switch (UKL/EU):

Xbox One/Series X: