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Who We Are

Top Hat Studios is a trailblazing New York-based indie publisher and porting house, whose titles range from the colorful and quirky, action-packed and neon-drenched, to the outright bizarre, and soothing simulators - a proud supporter of games from blockbuster productions all the way to niche and boutique experimentations. THS’s portfolio includes titles such as Frogun, Toasty: Ashes of Dusk, Paper Animal RPG and Ova Magica.

Top Hat Studios are also the video game industry’s leading Kickstarter success consultants, having designed and supported campaigns for successes such as Ova Magica, Elementallis, and Cloudscape. Top Hat Studios provides a full suite of publishing, business development, and porting expertise to both indie and solo developers.


We've worked with Unity, GameMaker, and Monogame codebases to deliver games to multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Xbox, and Sony Playstation. We manage an array of sdks and devkits to test and verify games prior to submission for certification or lotcheck.

We work cross os, cross platform, cross marketplace. We're on the forums. We helped write the documentation.


We've published multiple titles across multiple platforms and storefronts. We've got access to the latest devkits and sdks. We design and implement marketing and crowdfunding campaigns.

We're growing as a publisher, and expanding our cataloge. We can help you from concept to shipping!

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We love experimental games! We're interested in unique and memorable adventures, with all kinds of themes, concepts, and stories. Looking to turn a fun experimental game jam entry into a full fledged game? We can provide direction and best practices to make that journey easier.

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