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What We Do

Top Hat Studios is a full service publisher and turn-key porting studio. We've worked with teams of all sizes and on games of all genres. Working with unique creators and helping products, whether niche or mainstream, reach their best audience possible is our specialty.

Our internal technology development and engineering teams have created tools that enable us to provide a streamlined, multi-platform publishing ecosystem - working seamlessly with proprietary console backends, unique platforms, and code - allowing you to concentrate on developing the best game possible.
We offer a full suite of services and are flexible in how we work with developers; it's important for our developers to retain their creative freedom and for us to form a relationship which takes into account their specific needs. We offer extremely competetive benefits vs other publishers and structure our contracts in the fairest way we can.

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Let us handle the details of porting your game. Our expert engineers can perform every step of the process - including certifications and patch approvals. We're veterans with the unique tools on every single platform, and perform complete back-end management.

During development, we'll provide input on how to get the best performance on consoles. We also have 1:1 senior relationships with platform holders that mean we can give your game access to special initiatives and promos: more on that below.
Respecting Creativity
We understand that for many developers, especially indies, a game can represent a lifetime's worth of ideas - these can be heavily personal things, and are an expression of yourself. This is something to be celebrated and respected.

When working with us, you can be sure that you'll retain the ownership of the original intellectual property you've worked hard to create - your game is your baby, and nothing should take that away from you.
Lifecycle Management
Securing your future as a game developer means keeping food on the table well past your launch. We have the strategies needed to optimize income funnels, exploit diverse sales tactics, and revive revenue flows throughout your game's lifecycle.

Your game is more than a launch - it's your breadwinner. Through our expertise encompassing both sales-orientated strategies, and game update/content management, we'll work to make sure it continues to be so for years.


We’ll handle the details of preparing all the assets required for each platform, from promotional assets to the way builds have to be delivered. Each platform is different, and releases can be very technical and time consuming. We’ve done this before, so let us make your release experience less stressful.

This process can take a significant amount of time for folks unfamiliar with what's uniquely required for a release on each platform. In addition, there can often be many hidden quirks and techniques needed to ensure your game receives the visibility it needs. We're familiar with it all, and can bring our expertise to bear.

Full backend management and release management is what we do, and we do it for every single major platform and console. We've proudly built up our own unique toolset that interfaces with every distinct release backend, providing us with a seamless and painless ability to manage the fine details.
We publish and distribute games through companies such as:

Co-Development Support and Assistance

Game development is a journey and nobody completes the journey to release alone. Somewhere along the way, you'll need some help. You'll have questions. You'll want somebody to review what you've done and tell you the truth, or simply tell you how to do something complicated, all the while being constructive and supportive.

Our experienced team can integrate into your workflow and provide co-development assistance on code and development matters you might find hard. Optimisations, performance, specialist shaders, engine-specific features, specific API integrations, file handling and I/O routines, cross-platform online, everything under the sun - our team has implemented and shipped.

Sales Assistance

We keep an eye on sales for each platform, and perform the best strategy that's the best fit for your game. You spent years working on your game - so we'll manage the sales strategy for it to provide you with a long-tail of sales for years, too. We work with international contacts to measure interest in different markets, providing opportunities otherwise unavailable to new indies.

We know people. We're cool like that.


We work with developers and their communities to create sucessfull crowdfunding campaigns. We can provide direction to a campaign, drive interest and backers, and help set realistic timelines and goals. Crowdfunding is great way to build a larger community and reach a wider audience, while also achieving long term funding for your game.

Let us help you on that journey!


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From social media, to contacts in specific communities and companies, marketing is part science and part art. Let us research the dates, competing releases, seasonal schedule, and sales. We'll provide you with options, and work with you to choose timelines that are realistic and successful.

Quality Assurance

Most of the time, bugs are bad - and they need to be caught and fixed. As developers, we know what to look for and how to test for all kinds of bugs. When we find them, we can offer direction on how best to fix that bug, in a multiplatform way.

We can also provide feedback on things your game might be missing, from menus to maps.


Localization is more than just translation. It's being aware of cultural differences, navigating and correcting misunderstandings, while also respecting certain expectations when it comes to religon and beliefs.

These can be very complex topics, and we can provide direction during development to help reduce localization issues, in addition to translation services.

Flexible Funding

It's difficult to predict the future, and that's essentially what game development timelines are. We get it. We've been there. Costs overrun, timelines get delayed, deadlines get missed, there are pivots and compromises.

We know the game development journey can be filled with the unexpected, the unplanned, and the unknown.

When you need help, we'll be there.

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