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Craft your ultimate sword by scavenging parts in a post-apocalyptic world. Navigate an expansive open world, relying on the might of your customized blade to overcome dangerous species infected by mysterious technology.

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A century after a devastating outbreak transformed the world, remnants of humanity cling to survival in a shattered landscape. As a lone adventurer, you navigate the ruins, encountering mysterious relics of the past and uncovering the mysteries of an unknown disaster that destroyed this world.

Assemble the fragments of a forgotten history, battling mutated creatures and overcoming the remnants of a once-great civilization. Your journey is not just one of survival but a quest to reclaim lost knowledge and restore hope to a desolate world.

Customize your blade with a wide range of components scavenged from the remnants of civilization. Engage in fluid combat, combining precision strikes and strategic maneuvers as you confront formidable foes. Explore vast, open landscapes, uncover hidden secrets, and adapt your playstyle to the challenges that await you. Customizing your sword can be done at different locations in the world and will effect various stats the sword has. The components you will be able to change depend on the kind of parts you have found and are inside of your inventory. This will allow you to fully change and customize the weapon to your liking and playstyle. Different parts will allow you to create all sorts of combinations that can result in a great amount of strategies against multiple kinds of mutated creatures.


• Blade Customization: Modify your sword with an array of components, each affecting combat performance.

• Open World Exploration: Traverse a vast, atmospheric world filled with dangers and secrets.

• Engaging Combat: Master a dynamic combat system that combines precision strikes, dodges, and tactical play.

• Narrative: Unravel the story of a world plunged into chaos, discovering the origins of a destructive disaster.

• Post-Apocalyptic Aesthetics: Immerse yourself in a visually stunning hand pixelated world.

• Enemies: Defeat unique enemies with various attack patterns and overcome challenging bosses.


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