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Athenian Rhapsody is an (extremely) comedic RPG game with fast paced, real time dodging alongside many other mechanics.

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Athenian Rhapsody is a new comedic RPG game in which you'll explore the world of Athens! Your goal is to build your very own Athenian Rhapsody, which is the story of you (the player) and your tale in this world. It's very telling of who you are, and extremely specific to you!

It is a turn based RPG with intense and fast paced real-time-dodging. You'll be faced with many challenges, and you'll have to fight your way through the world by either fighting, or awkwardly trying to make friends with the enemies through pick-up-lines, mean jokes, memory games, and other strange and funny interactions.

You'll also be faced with many vigorous mental challenges bearing mind-bendingly difficult challenges such as "Push Button" and "Feather Carry". There is a vast amount of activities in Athens that do not fall under the RPG category which will catch you off guard, including battle mechanics such as drawing a picture and popping balloons attached to clowns in the woods.

To say there's a large amount of wacky and unique characters for you to encounter along your adventure would be an understatement, as well as 16 potential party members for you to befriend and use in battle! These potential friends come in all shapes and sizes and have diverse, exaggerated personalities. There is definitely a favorite for everyone, between McFishness the bodybuilding squid and Aerosol the caffeine crazed artist. They'd love to join along your entire Athenian Rhapsody, sometimes companionship is more valuable than EXP!

There is truly something for everyone to enjoy, with lots of unique and engaging battle mechanics, a large amount of characters with their own stories and interactions with the world, and some intensely tough challenges down the line as well.


• Detailed Features coming soon!

• Athenian Rhapsody is developed by Nico Papalia; Top Hat Studios is the publisher on all platforms.


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