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You are his last hope. The only one who can rescue him. Delve deep into the dreams of Luke Williams, a man diagnosed with depression, unfold the heartbreaking story of his life and prevent him from... fading away.

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In Into A Dream you wake up in a mysterious place devoid of all your memories and come upon a recording addressed to you. As you listen to it, you realize that your mind has been linked to the dreams of a Luke Williams, a man diagnosed with severe depression. You are Luke�s last hope and must prevent him from� fading away.

Delving deep into Luke�s dreams, where memories and symbols are blended together, you are expected to disclose the events and actions that have led Luke to his darkness. You will meet his close family and friends and must find ways to trick him into letting you access his darker dreams and unveil the emotional, powerful and heartbreaking journey of his life.

Luke's life is in your hands. You have to help him take the first step towards recovery; to make him see that his life matters� You are his last hope.


• An emotional, heartbreaking and humane narrative about love, hopelessness and depression

• Beautiful original soundtrack and dreamlike atmosphere

• Puzzles that are directly related to the narrative

• Full character voice over

• Complex and real characters and relationships

• Into A Dream is developed by Filipe F. Thomaz; Top Hat Studios is the publisher on all console platforms.


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