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A new era of physics based platforming is about to begin. Play as fusion powered killer android Lazr, facing off against rogue AI and mega-corporations in Alpha City One.

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You boot up from a deep sleep, locked away in a military storage bunker. A team of resistance hackers breaks into the secure facility and steals you. They copy your ai, and your shell, your physical body. Then they destroy it all. You wake up in their resistance safehouse, memory wiped clean. You're told to fight for the resistance, and that's all you know... but what if you could chose otherwise? Who are your friends? Who are your enemies?


• Polished, athletic action platforming: Jump, dash, climb, and shoot your way through hand drawn levels with tight, responsive controls.
• Unique rope, web, and cloth based climbing mechanics: Watch out for explosive mines that can destroy climbable nets and ropes.
• Single player story with cast of unique characters: As Lazr, you'll fight through research labs, war foundries, fabrication plants, floating citadels, and temples of technology - up the space tether to the final fight with Voth in his orbital war room. You'll meet many npcs along the way, some friends, some enemies...
• Downtown hub level with vendors and powerups: Spend your hard earned credits downtown, buying new weapon and body mods, or new airbikes, or even new homes.
• Character customization, with thousands of combinations: Build the hero you want, or play as the iconic 'magenta monster' herself, Lazr Model 1.
• Shoot em' up Airbike Action!: Take to the skies on your airbike in fast paced side scrolling action.
• A Mode7 Inspired Cylindrical Overworld: Replay any story level completed, using the story spiral overworld. Very useful for speed running!

• LAZR is developed by Garrick Campsey; Top Hat Studios is the publisher on all platforms.


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