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Merrily Perilly is a game about crisis. Explore a dangerous, non-linear, crisis-filled world as you interact with the world and solve puzzles.

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Merrily Perilly is a game about crisis. You play as Perry, a severely dehydrated man who stumbles into a remote village in search of help, but the inhabitants respond with strange detachment to your trouble. You may think that the nearby fountain is a safe means to quench your dire thirst, but you would soon find yourself in search of aid for a snake bite. And before you know it, you will be chased by bees, fending off bears, cursed by gypsies, and most likely set on fire. Will the crises ever end!?

Merrily Perilly plays like a top down adventure game where you must resolve the perpetual perils that afflict Perry by interacting with the townsfolk and environment. Through exploration and experimentation, the nonlinear narrative branches and intersects into many paths leading to several distinct endings.


• Fast-paced Gameplay
• 6 different Endings
• Non-linear Exploration & Narrative
• Hats! Make sure to collect all of 'em
• Unlockable Trophies & Achievements
• Secrets, Puzzles, & Easter Eggs
• Bees. Lots of Bees

• Merrily Perilly is developed by Squiddershins; Top Hat Studios is the publisher of the console versions only.


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