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"Project Arrhythmia" is a musical bullet-hell in which all things beautiful are deadly. A cacophony of lights, music, pulses and blocks, Project Arrhythmia features tight bullet-hell style gameplay where up to 4 players in local co-op must navigate their way through evolving scenes and obstacles, all timed to the beat.

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Set in 205X, a mysterious disease called the "Tokyo Flu" has been ravaging the world. A lone computer programmer, Anna Schroeder, attempts to find the cure with her trusty supercomputer-companion HAL. Stumbling upon various different "Projects", the duo decide to investigate the efficacy of a cure through the usage of a pulse and rhythm based interface.


• Dodge The Beat: Stages consist of mesmerizing, musically timed scenes, each one telling a story. Feel the rhythm and feel your way around the hazards! Anna will judge how you do.
• Challenge Your Friends: Up to 4 players supported in local co-op mode.
• Robust Level Editor: Carefully designed level editor allows users to create their own levels and challenges, to whatever music they wish.
• Huge Community: Wealth of user created content exists, fully integrated into the game through the usage of the level editor and user made levels.
• Story Mode: Over 20+ hand crafted heart pounding levels interwoven with an engaging story.
• More Co-Op Game Modes: Party (endless level selection with friends) / Snake (collect pellets that gradually make you larger) / Battle Royale (last to die wins)
• Full Community Integration: Voting system for levels, better search, straight importing of levels and more
• Cross-Platform Modding Support

• Project Arrhythmia is developed by Vitamin Games; Top Hat Studios is the publisher on all platforms.


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