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Master the art of lightning-fast noodle delivery in this challenging 2D platformer. With deadly traps, a range of moves to master, including teleportation, and trophies to unlock, are you ready to become the ultimate noodle delivery master?

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Set to a gorgeous, neon-lit pixel aesthetic, Velocity Noodle sees you tasked with traversing challenging handcrafted stages to make your noodle delivery as fast as possible! Featuring ultra-smooth movement, you'll need to combine different mechanics such as sliding, teleporting, and katana-jumping to break the levels, earn your medals (which might unlock some shiny things on the way), and find the fastest way through your ramen rampage... just keep an eye out for the A.D.S. (aka the Anti Delivery Service, aka the no food allowed police) on the way!


• Dozens & dozens of handcrafted stages to test your noodle
• A pettable dog, somewhere
• Fast-paced, agility focused movement gameplay
• A really overworked and sweaty chef
• Time records to beat, medals to collect, and a quick-restart so the pace never lets up
• Hard hitting synthwave soundtrack

• VELOCITY NOODLE is published by Top Hat Studios, Inc., and developed by Shotgun Anaconda.


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